Stephanie W. Trussell
Stephanie was born and raised in Chicago. She attended parochial schools through high school. She started working at 15 and became a manger at McDonald's by 17. After high school she fulfilled a dream of attending Hamburger University. Eventually Mrs. Field's Cookies took Chicago by storm and she jumped ship for a 10 cent raise. Hospitality was her true calling, she found a home working in a hotel. When her resident hotel manager handed out paychecks in the lobby wearing her robe she went to work for a social service agency training adults how to succeed in the hotel industry. She found the job to be the most rewarding post she had ever held but became jealous of her clients who she placed in luxury four star hotels. When the hole was dug for a new property on Wacker & State she contacted the general manager and was selected to be on the opening management team. Great benefits, prestige but she left the glam life to be a full-time mom in the suburbs. She currently works part-time at a scrapbook store. She remains busy by volunteering in her community. Her favorite past time is being a sports mom rooting for her children and occasionally cheers for sports even if her children are not on the team. If you cut her she bleeds blue and white. She believes the lion socks she bought in 2002 for 75 cents are good luck. Her husband works as chef but she credits her inability to prepare Hamburger Helper properly as the reason he learned to cook. Her five children have a 19 year span from the oldest to the youngest. She realize that she was funny in high school when she would get food spat in her face as her friends laughed during lunch. She thought she would have improved the yerbook by writing funny captions but she never worked up the nerve to apply for the staff. Hobbies I am a craft bully and scrapbooker. I started running in 2009 and I am obsessed. I was training for the 10-10-10 Chicago Marathon but two "substantial" stress fractures have deferred my dream until 2011. I dabble in blogging about stuff that really bugs me. Religion: I am a proud member of Naperville Harvest Bible Chapel. I am a Christian and believe Jesus died for my sins. Politics: I am a was a Democrat because that what black folks are told to be. I moved to DuPage County and either they put something in the water or I matured but I am conservative that named my son Reagan. I hate visiting Hyde Park where every store has Obama gear. Mayor Daley was the overseer of modern day slavery, Chicago Public School, a week notice would be enough, bye-bye. Pet Peeves: People say you should never talk religion or politics, well don't sit by me.
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