Autumn Geist
Autumn was born in South Bend, IN and was raised between the Hyde Park neighborhood in Chicago and Downers Grove.  She is a mother, small business owner, kids sports cheerleader and community volunteer.  
An avid reader, who leads the MOMs (Meeting of The Minds) local bookclub. Even tackling great literature like A Tale of Two Cities by the age of 12. A creative unprofessional writer who used art, speech competition and theatre to channel her creative energy through her early 20's and in the last two years has started acting again. Autumn is clicking her heels to be a contributor at Lisle Patch. As a lisle resident since 1994, she has worn many hats in and outside of the Lisle community. These "hat wearing sessions" have afforded her the opportunity to be exposed to great people, places and things.   Past posts include: mentoring teen mothers with Teen Parent Connection (formerly DuPage MYM), executive board member of NCO Youth & Family Services and various committees for school and sports programs.  Beliefs As a contributor to Patch, it is my goal to share interesting people, places and things that affect our Lisle community. Since I will also have an opinion column, I believe that I have the right to share my opinions and you have the right to agree or not. I will always do my best to be respectful, responsible in fact gathering, and offer my honest perspective at the risk of offending or being wrong. It's a genuine approach. Politics I am a social moderate and fiscal conservative. Before I became a parent, I was very liberal. It is imperative that regardless of how you vote, you vote based on an informed decision and that doesn't include simply reading a newspaper (biased) or watching CNN, MSN or Fox. Read, research and ask lots of questions of our candidates. Voting is a serious responsibility and privilege. Having grown up with a father who is conservative and a mother who is very liberal, I always had the opportunity to learn and understand both perspectives respectfully and I still do to this day. Religion I was baptized Lutheran and have visited all denominations and even non-denominational houses of worship. Faith and spirituality are very personal journeys. Local Hot-Button Issues As a community, we are often paralyzed with fear of change or the "unknowns". Yet, we want to see development, progress, jobs and an increase in home values. The Navistar project offers Lisle the opportunity to be "on the map" on a global scale. Driving the economy with new jobs, generating additional taxes for our schools and parks. Its a win-win. Once the "anti-Navistar" movement recognizes the positives, they will climb on board and will be welcomed too.  
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