20 Highest Paid Teachers in District 200

The following information on the highest paid teachers in District 200 for the 2011-2012 school year was obtained from the District 200 website.

Salary and benefit information for public employees is public record. We post this information because we think it will be of interest to our readers, many of whom are Wheaton residents and taxpayers who foot the bill.

Through the rest of the year, Wheaton Patch will regularly post the highest paid individuals from Wheaton's remaining taxing bodies: City of Wheaton, Wheaton Public Library, and the Wheaton Park District.

The following information was obtained from the District 200 website. This table excludes administrators and teachers who retired in June 2012.

Name School
Position, Retirement Year Base Salary Retirement Enhancements Other Benefits Total Ron Muhitch Wheaton Warrenville South High School (WWSHS) PE/Health, 2014 $135,370 $8,246 $23,873 $167,489 Ron Piro Wheaton North High School (WNHS) English, 2014 $122,195 $7,414 $23,499 $153,108 Matt Marzullo WWSHS PE/Health $128,270 $0 $21,914 $150,184 Tony Houle WWSHS
Science, 2013
$119,825 $7,116 $21,969 $148,910 Wayne Spychala Franklin Middle School
Science, 2016
$115,664 $0 $32,653 $148,317 David McCartney WWSHS Library $117,398 $7,044 $21,902 $146,344 Robert Blazek Monroe Middle School
Band, 2015
$116,875 $7,013 $21,883 $145,771 Peggy Tibbitt WWSHS
Math, 2013
$116,731 $6,957 $21,875 $145,563 Cynthia Paulsen WNHS
Science, 2014
$116,423 $6,960 $21,900 $145,283 Kitsa Schmidt Hubble Middle School
Special Education, 2013
$114,548 $6,873 $21,818 $143,239 Michael Harland Franklin Middle School PE, 2016
$120,445 $0 $21,789 $142,234 Ron Hladilek Monroe Middle School Social Studies $119,557 $0 $21,564 $141,121 Judith Lutz Bower Elementary School
Speech Pathologist, 2013
$112,352 $6,741 $21,716 $140,809 Carrie Provost Franklin Middle School Orchestra $118,395 $0 $21,707 $140,102 Deborah Moran Emerson Elementary School
Resource Teacher, 2013
$111,268 $6,676 $21,727 $139,671 Christine Sitze Sandburg Elementary School
First Grade, 2013
$111,268 $6,676 $21,727 $139,671 Karen Kasperkiewicz Hubble Middle School
Science, 2013
$111,268 $6,676 $21,723 $139,667 Barbara LaRowe Madison Elementary School
Speech and Language, 2014
$110,725 $6,643 $21,711 $139,079 Christopher Kuntz Johnson Elementary School PE $117,326 $0 $21,707 $139,033 Stephen Mayo WNHS Science $127,945 $0 $10,879 $138,824

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Sean Johnders November 07, 2012 at 11:14 PM
Does Jim McMahon or Gregg Slapak ever make a sensible comment?
Walt December 29, 2012 at 10:54 AM
Actually it's like 20% or more, and they won't get Social Security when they retire. The teachers made a contract for which they have been keeping their part by contributing 20% or more of their compensation into the pesnions system - under the contracts the state agreed to match employee contributions but they have not kept up their end of the contract.
Walt December 29, 2012 at 10:58 AM
This is total compensation - they do not take home near that amount, 20% or more of this goes into the pension fund, the state is supposed to match employee contributions but they have underfunded it for decades.
Walt December 29, 2012 at 11:18 AM
If ignorance is bliss, billy is in hog heaven! In order to become a librarian, one needs a master's degree at least. Librarians must know several library classification systems, as well as research techniques, and current computer skills on a variety of platforms. They also need to be familiar with the various genres in literature & be familiar with a wide variety of authors & literary works. All in all, librarians need to be skilled in many fields with which billy here is obviously unfamiliar.
Walt December 29, 2012 at 11:30 AM
I've been in the private sector for over 21 years. From my observations, a person in the private sector that has advanced degrees and over 20 years of experience usually makes well over $100K/yr & doesn't have to deal with kids who are unruly, or who have been abused (I know some teachers who could tell you some horror stories that would curl your hair on that score), or have other mental, emotional and/or physical issues. Just being allowed in a classroom a teacher needs a 4 yr. degree as well as completing a certification process - and they're usually required to continue their education (at their own expense) during the course of their career.


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