Glen Ellyn Park District Keeps Eye Out for Razor Blades Following East Moline Incident

In Glen Ellyn, park officials have advised staff and volunteers to be on the look out for razor blades at the village's 23 parks.

A disturbing incident in East Moline that left a 2-year-old boy with injuries after being cut by a razor blade has left police searching for the culprit and parents and park districts, including Glen Ellyn, keeping a eye out for razor blades at local parks. 
Twelve razor blades were recently found attached to playground equipment at Millennium Park in East Moline — the blades were found on the monkey bars, at the bottom of the slide and on the rock-climbing wall, according to Fox 2 Now in St. Louis.

On Tuesday, a similar incident was reported at a park near Philadelphia. Razor blades were duct taped to playground equipment at Eaton Park in Brookhaven Borough, according to Philly.com. 

Meanwhile, the parents of Madden Jenks, who suffered minor injuries to his finger following the East Moline incident, called the culprit "sick" and "psychotic" and said they are thankful their son didn't suffer a deeper cut or a cut to his wrist, according to Fox 2 Now. 

In Glen Ellyn, park officials have advised workers who regularly check the village's 23 parks about the razor blade situation and have advised volunteers with the Adopt-A-Park program, who typically look for trash and vandalism, to be on the look-out "for a more sinister danger," according to ABC 7 Chicago. 

Dan Hopkins, superintendent of parks for the Glen Ellyn Park District, said he is advising staff to make a visual inspection of the swings, slide and other playground equipment.

Dr Silicon April 05, 2014 at 08:02 AM
Once again the media has probably escalated and will encourage copy-cats through-out the united states, it would have been much better for police to work to notify park districts versus giving sick ideas and media attention to disturbed individuals.


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