Style Central: Attention Shoppers!

Everything is on sale and NOW is the time to shop, right? Not so fast, Kimosabe!

In my Style Central column last month, I suggested that now would be a great time to clean out our closets and our dresser drawers and I totally stand by that decree. However, when it comes to replenishing our staple pieces, now may or may not be the best time to shop.

I know this because I just completed a thorough closet edit with a client and then went on line to help her shop for some winter staples and guess what? Not good. Great prices on quality items? Absolutely. Great selection and a complete stock of sizes? Forget it. Very frustrating, to say the least!

But I don't know why I was surprised. It makes total sense that in mid-February retailer stock is pretty much the dregs and the leftovers. Example: I saw a great pair of women's pants at one of my client's favorite stores. I have a similar pair that I bought in early September and I often wear them in lieu of jeans. I love them and they have more than returned my affection. So, when I saw that they were still on-line and at a ridiculously reduced price, I got excited. Then I checked availability. They had only two out of six colors left and in sizes XS only. Bummer.

Same thing happened with a gorgeous white ruffled blouse I suggested for another of my beautiful clients. I received the Neiman's sale catalog in the mail, saw the blouse and immediately emailed my client. She loved it and ordered it on the spot. Oh, out of stock? And no plans to restock at this time? Wonderful.

Clearly, this is not the ideal time of year to shop for winter/fall items. But take heart. It's a GREAT time to shop for spring and summer pieces. And if you cleaned out your closet, you know exactly what you need. 

Selection is good, sizes are plentiful and it can really be fun! Who doesn't need a little preview of spring right about now? 

I need a new casual summer safari jacket. Sadly, mine is looking droopy and even a bit faded. (I've been saying this for the last three years. It's time.) So, I started looking around the web and saw many styles, colors and cuts of what they are now calling "cargo" jackets. But the one I found at Travel Smith made my heart skip a beat. Truly classic in every way and I can picture this one lasting at least another seven years (the exact age of my current jacket as it heads into retirement). So, I plan to order it forthwith. No hurry, though. The website says this jacket has been a customer favorite since 1993. I don't think it will ever go on sale, but it will also never be out of style or out of stock!

Perfect. Hope it looks as good on me as it does on-line.

Fingers crossed; wish me luck; I'll keep you posted...

Mary Jo February 18, 2013 at 05:35 PM
Nice to discover the Travel Smith website! Thanks for always sharing great resources with us, Nancy.
Sue Becker February 19, 2013 at 12:59 AM
Beautiful jacket, Nancy. Should we all have a safari jacket in our wardrobe?
Nancy Pipal February 19, 2013 at 09:06 PM
Good to hear, MJ. Thanks for saying so! And here's a web perusing shoppers tip. If you have something specific in mind that you are looking for, just Google it and all kinds of stores and web-based shopping sites will appear. I googled 'safari jackets' and that's how I found the Travel Smith jacket. Can't wait to get it and see if it works for me!
Nancy Pipal February 19, 2013 at 09:14 PM
Thanks, Sue. As for everyone having a safari jacket, I think this. A casual spring/summer cotton jacket is a must, but not necessarily a 'safari' style. There are traditional blazer styles out there as well as something they call a "cargo" style too. These come in just as handy when you can throw it on over a plain t-shirt or tank top, wear with khakis or jeans and suddenly? You are dressed!


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