Puppy Parlor Lies To A Judge

The back room of Puppy Mill Parlor
The back room of Puppy Mill Parlor

Tammy Coglianese, owner of Puppy Mill Parlor recently had a protester served with a restraining order.  She lied to a judge to get it.  While Coglianese, her employees, and friends lie - to the Lisle Police, Lisle’s Mayor, Village Manager, Trustees, the Dept of Agriculture, and potential customers - and get away with it; lying to a judge is a different story.

Overwhelming evidence was presented in court yesterday by the accused protester.  As a result, the judge threw the case out.  It was proven that everything in the restraining order was a lie.  Everything.  Including the dates the two “incidents” Coglianese claimed occurred.


On one date it was proven the protest was cancelled due to rain, despite Coglianese and her employee Carla Ruehl testifying otherwise.

On the second date Coglianese adamantly testified the protester stalked and harassed her by blocking her car from leaving the store and following her.  The protester wasn’t even at the protest.  She was helping friends move. All day


Not only did she lie in court, under oath, so did Ruehl.  The judge was visibly annoyed at the responses Coglianese and Ruehl gave when asked repeatedly to provide “specific dates” the accused allegedly stalked or harassed them.  When the protester’s attorney began her closing statement, the judge put her hand up and essentially said not to bother.  It was apparent the judge was done wasting her time and threw the case out. 

Domestic violence and violence of any nature is terrible.  Restraining orders are critical for those who need them.  It is beyond despicable that Tammy and her minions abused this process and manipulated the court system for their personal vendetta.  Just goes to show the lengths Puppy Parlor will go to to get protesters to stop educating potential victims, er customers, about the risks of buying a sick puppy mill dog from them.  Two Lisle Police Officers and one DuPage County Sheriff’s Officer served the restraining order.  The DuPage County court’s precious time and resources were wasted yesterday.  And you picked up the tab.  For all of it.  Courtesy of Tammy Coglianese.

We will not stray from our mission to educate potential customers, about the dangers of buying a sick, puppy mill dog from Puppy Parlor.  And to help those 60+ sick dogs still languishing in cages, stacked one on top of another, and never get out.  Regardless of how many false police reports they make (40 to date for those keeping track).  Or how many times they and their friends harass us, or lie in an attempt to manipulate your police department and the court system. 

And this is the type of business owner and business your Village Government supports.

Rita Pereira January 02, 2014 at 08:34 PM
That would NEVER happen Don, NEVER! *sarcasm*
Dianne Arp January 03, 2014 at 11:07 AM
Mark Tanner - you are correct, the nonsense you posted is from Puppy (Mill) Parlor's web site. If anything we said, did, handed out was incorrect, or a lie - we would've been sued for defamation and slander. There's a reason WHY that hasn't happened. Because we can PROVE everything we say. And interestingly enough - what Tammy Coglianese failed to mention is that she has FOUR VIDEO CAMERAS outside her store: two in front, two in back. They're just for show and have NEVER worked. If she was SO threatened by the mean, evil protesters, fake potential damage to her store, and all the fake harassment from the protesters - all cameras would've been in operation day 1. So she could PROVE all the false 911 reports she's made to the Police (all 40 of them to-date for those keeping track). Why aren't they working?!?! Tammy Coglianese lied to the judge and said her cameras haven't been working for "about 2 months." Just one of the MANY lies she/they tell. That's what happens when you're a habitual liar - you get all tangled up in your lies and can't keep anything straight. And you get caught. And consequences follow.
Ida Mccarthy January 03, 2014 at 08:57 PM
“We rehome dogs people can no longer keep.” My favorite lie. By golly, this has got to be the most awesome pet store ever! They should be called Puppy Parlor Rescue! The back room dogs. Now they’re trying to sell them on the internet. Oh yeah, under a different phone number too. 200 to 300 dollars, 1 to 5 years old. Google “tammy4707” ….you’ll see all the ads on the free websites. God help those poor people who buy a sick dog from the back room
Arthur Dietrich January 03, 2014 at 09:40 PM
Does anyone know when Puppy Parlor was last inspected by the Illinois Department of Agriculture? Their website indicates Puppy Parlor has a license to operate, $25 license fee. The department website also indicates to license holders to expect an inspection after the license is granted. Just wondering.
Rita Pereira January 04, 2014 at 09:39 AM
The attained the Lisle Business License in March, after it was brought to their attention she was running the business that all stores are supposed to have in Lisle, without a business license. Amazing how that suddenly showed up, isn't it?


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