Puppy Mill Parlor - Closing?

It took protesters from the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) 13 months, but "Store Closing" signs appeared in Puppy Parlor's windows on 1/18.  Have protestors' efforts - to educate potential victims of the risks of buying a sick puppy mill puppy from this establishment - been successful?  Has Puppy Parlor realized their animal abuse, animal cruelty, and consumer fraud is not welcome in Lisle?  Evidence suggests the answers to these questions are, "Yes."  In time we'll know for sure. 
Teri McCallum February 04, 2014 at 09:10 AM
So, Tony... As long as there is no law against it, we should respect their rights to abuse another living being? Seriously? I'm guessing that the enslavement of African-Americans was the white man's right back in the day according your moral compass then, huh? OH, I am laughing to myself as I already can predict your idiotic response. Don't even bother. I've heard all your excuses before. I'm bored by you already. Oh...and p.s. Unbelievable as it sounds, somehow I have figured out how to care for more than one form of abuse at a time. Again with your constipated thinking! You're nothing if not consistent. And neither am I... I stand against violence, oppression, slavery, cruelty, enslavement, murder, rape, torture...you get the picture. And guess what? I stand against all of these issues. I stand against all offenders. I stand with and for all victims. And I hold a job, have a family, go to school, and still manage to find a little time to waste responding to your unwarranted attack. Most people who care about animal rights are compassionate people to be found engaging in all forms of altruistic efforts. We foster children, help out at homeless shelters, write to our legislators to help shape the world for the betterment of all, clean up garbage from roadways and parks...we tread lightly on the Earth because we respect it, but yes, we have big mouths when it comes to speaking up for those whose cries are unheard. You've obviously got a big mouth too. Why don't you use it for some good instead of harassing those who are doing what nobody else will.
Gail Garza February 04, 2014 at 10:33 AM
Wow! I guess some people cannot breathe AND walk at the same time! LOL!! There are MILLIONS of us human beings who DO care about AND help other human beings, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND who also find the time to help non-humans, too. God knows how that is possible, I know, I know, but it HAS HAPPENED and IS HAPPENING! How anyone in their right minds and hearts cannot see that animal exploitation and endangerment is somehow NOT OKAY is beyond any sane person's comprehension. For those "naysayers" who believe that an individual cannot care about BOTH humans and animals, and even the environment, please contact me, Gail Garza, and I will gladly put you in touch with at least 50 such people right now. I would even take you out to lunch! :) Have a nice day!
John Curran February 04, 2014 at 07:18 PM
PROTEST HECKLER: You care more about animals than you do about people ! ME: MmmmmNo, it would be more accurate to say that I care more about animals than YOU care about people.


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