Letter: Roskam Works Hard to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

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I’ve called my Congressman, Peter Roskam, several times about my concerns over the “fiscal cliff” our country is headed toward. I don’t want to go over this cliff. I believe that Congressman Peter Roskam is working hard for the people of the 6th District to prevent the higher taxes going over the “cliff” would cause.

Going over the "fiscal cliff" is a recipe for economic disaster. It will cause small businesses to either stop hiring or lay off workers. Higher taxes are not the answer. Reducing our out-of-control spending and creating an environment in which the economy can grow is the answer.

Unfortunately, President Obama has only talked about the revenue and taxes he wants to enact on the people, he has not proposed any cuts in spending. President Obama said that a balanced approach would include $3 of spending cuts to every $1 of new revenue. We've heard a lot about the revenue, now it is time to hear from the President and Congressional Democrats about the cuts.

I have heard Congressman Roskam ask President Obama several times for these spending cuts that would help reduce the deficit. As of this letter, President Obama has not addressed the issue.

Our country cannot go the European way and continue to spend like we have. Our national debt is above 16 trillion and soon we will have to raise the debt ceiling once again under President Obama.

Congressman Roskam is working hard to avert the “fiscal cliff” and is willing to work across the aisle to do it. I hope that we can avoid it so that we can begin to cut spending, reduce the debt, and create an environment in which our economy can thrive.

Sincerely yours,

Ed Stade

Bartlett, IL

Cathy F. December 12, 2012 at 04:56 PM
Roskam was named a "Dirty Air Villain" for voting against Clean Air 100% of the time. The analysis by the National Resource Defense Council found that House members like Roskam who took more than $100,000 in career polluter campaign contributions voted against clean air laws on average nearly twice as many times as those who accepted less than $100,000 from dirty industries. Roskam voted 100% in favor of Dirty Air. http://whovotesdirty.com/


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