Five Things: Lisle Patch Birthday Edition

Usually I stray from commentary, but here are five things I've come to love as a Lisle resident. (Also known as: watch me attempt to blacksmith.)

1. BNSF overpasses: It's usually when I'm on my way to a Patch editors meeting in a fellow commuter town that I come to appreciate the infrastructure that exists downtown Lisle. While Maple Avenue can get backed up at rush and a stream of cars pour from the , it's nothing compared to the agony of the wait in other places (most notably every time I order carry-out from in Glen Ellyn, which can't be more than 100 yards north of the train tracks). 


2. Bike trails: When I lived in Chicago, my bike was stolen from my building. While chained to a stairwell. I determined myself to purchase a new one once I moved here, and ever since I've been enjoying the endless combinations of paths curling through the neighborhoods and parks.

Bonus points: I no longer ride in the constant fear that I will be doored, or bumped off the street by a passing car. (Exceptions to this statement again include Maple, and Yackley Avenue.)

4. Dedicated volunteers: I suppose you can find a group of passionate people anywhere, but I've been taken aback by the amount of it I've seen from groups here. It seems that anyone who is considered active in the community not only has their hand in one pot, but several. In the last year I've encountered many organizations worth celebrating: , , , , the , , parent volunteers, , ... the list really does go on.

The village recognizes many of these individuals with , but we rather enjoy talking to them, too.


4. Blacksmithing classes: When I was little I attended the Burgoo festival in Utica, Ill., every year. The most entertaining attraction was easily the local blacksmith's demonstrations, and I spent solid hours each day watching him.

The men who perform this duty at the are also volunteers. They complete projects for the campus in addition to leading classes for residents. After sitting in on one of their classes, I asked them to walk me through the beginner's project: a coat hook. My results were somewhat less graceful than the work you'd see from them at ... but still functional! (See the attached video and photo of my 'finished product.')

[A special thank you to my friend, Jodie Rhine, for tagging along and acting as my videographer.]


5. By five go-to places:

(my favorite place to work then walk, or vice versa), (for turkey burgers and those cute little mozzarella sticks), (for its awesome tea selection, abundant seating and ), (because sometimes a night of TV-watching isn't complete without Sour Punch Straws and magazines), and (because as it turns out, I love paddle boats), and the 7-Eleven at Maple Avenue and Naper Boulevard. It's not technically in Lisle but my summer would have been terrible without their Slurpees.


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