This is What $649,900 Buys You

For almost $650K, you could purchase one of two comparably-priced homes. Do you want to live in Naperville or Lisle?

1. 3155 Treesdale Ct, Naperville: Priced at $649,900, according to listings.

This is a four-bedroom, four-bathroom home. Built in 1995, it spans 4,340 sq. ft. and backs up to a park.

The Steve Carr custom executive home features hardwood floors, a three-car garage and a two-story living room with a park view.

Reach the second floor with front and back staircases. The master retreat has an extra-large closet.

Realtor source/information: Jill Clark, RE/MAX Professionals Select.

2. 4765 Karns Road, Lisle: Priced at $649,900, according to listings.

This is a five-bedroom, five-bathroom home. Built in 2005, this place reaches 4,757 sq. ft.

The Georgian has plenty of bedrooms on the second floor, including a master suite with luxury bathroom and a guest suite with a private bathroom.

There is a custom-built walk-out lower level with bedroom, sitting area, recreation room and 1,000 sq. ft. of storage.

Realtor source/information: The Hall Group, Coldwell Banker.

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Out of these two homes, which one would you buy? Tell us your choice in the comments below. Those selling homes can use Patch to help spread the word.

The Care Bear Here October 19, 2012 at 12:25 PM
nicer houses in Lisle than Naperville in my opinion, but the price is steep..
Dick October 19, 2012 at 02:00 PM
The house on Karns Road is adjacent of commercially zoned property. Just about anything could show up on that property on Odgen - a oil change depot, bus terminal, a RV/boat storage lot, low income multifamily housings, a hookah bar ... In fact I think there was already a proposal for low income senior housing on the adjacent property. These are not comparable properties.
Jane October 19, 2012 at 03:10 PM
Lisle zoning codes and the Village's random enforcement/lack of enforcement is killing residential property values. When Village staff will one day say a gas station can't go next to residential and another day say 172,000 gallons of diesel fuel storage and diesel engine testing is fine as long as it complies with the EPA, things will only get worse. There is too much uncertainty in Lisle to make the investment in a house. Just as easy to buy in Naperville. Prices of Lisle homes will continue to fall until the issue is resolved. A change of leadership would be a great start.
George P October 19, 2012 at 04:07 PM
Too much uncertainty to invest in a business in Lisle, too. Just look at what the Village did to all those downtown business owners by imposing new restrictions just a few years ago on who they can and cannot rent out their property to. They purchased their property expecting one set of rules and the Village changes the rules and now they are stuck with vacant properties. As long as Broda is Mayor, there is way too much uncertainty in Lisle to invest in any property. Add to that Lisle's increasing property tax levy and decreasing sale tax revenue... Broda has lead Lisle on a downward spiral.


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