Which Lisle Businesses Rate In Zagat's 2011 Fast Food Survey?

One restaurant took home Best Value, Best Fries, Most Child-Friendly and more. Can you guess which?

We aren't supposed to indulge in fast-food very often, but of course we do. Zagat surveyed more than 6,000 people to determine the nation's best chain offerings.

The following Lisle establishments received rankings in this year's survey. (McDonald's came away with several honors.) Do you agree?


Dunkin' Donuts ( and locations): #2 Best Coffee, #5 Best Breakfast Sandwiches

: #1 Best Fried Chicken, #3 Best Wings

:  #1 Best French fries (fast-food), #1 Best Value Menu, #1 Most Child-Friendly, #1 Best Drive-Thru, #1 Best Value, #1 Best Breakfast Sandwiches, #2 Best Fish, #3 Best Coffee, #5 Best Milkshake, #5 Best Burger, #5 Best Grilled Chicken

: #2 Best Fried Chicken

: #1 Best Coffee, #5 Best Drive-Thru

Subway (, and and locations): #4 Best Value

: #3 Best Value Menu, #5 Best Value


For a list of full results, including full-service winners like and , visit the Zagat fast-food website. Find featured local establishments such as on the Zagat website.

For a list of village businesses, including restaurants, visit our Places directory.


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