VIDEO: From 'The Worm' to Bookworm: Dennis Rodman Visits Naperville for Children's Book Signing

NBA Hall of Famer turned children's book author Dennis Rodman stopped by Anderson's Bookshop in downtown Naperville to sign copies of his new book, "Dennis the Wild Bull" on Saturday.

A crowd of more than 300 people wormed its way through the aisles of Anderson's Bookshop Saturday to meet NBA Hall of Famer turned children's book author Dennis Rodman.

And no, "children's book" was not a typo.

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The former Chicago Bull was visiting Naperville to promote his new children's book, "Dennis the Wild Bull," which was released Wednesday. In order to get a glimpse of Rodman as well as a signed copy of his new book, fans had to pre-order the book at Anderson's.

A slightly toned down Rodman sported a Chicago Bulls hat and grey blazer Saturday afternoon, but remnants of his wild side - nose piercings, lip ring, tattoos and bright nail polish - remained intact. 

The five-time champion and now 51-year-old Rodman said the book delivers an important message to children; encouraging kids to be their own person. 

"I think that kids today have got to have some type of role model as far as today with all of the bullying going on in school and kids going to school trying to be big and bad," he said. "But it's like I said, with this book right here, it's OK to be different."

While the book is geared toward children ages 4 to 9, people of all ages came to meet Rodman at Anderson's on Saturday. Some came from nearby suburbs like Geneva while others drove as far as Peotone. 

But plenty of Naperville residents were also in line like Tina Lazar and her daughter, Neuqua Valley High School basketball player and junior, Nikki. 

Neuqua Valley girls basketball coach Mike Williams actually nicknamed Nikki "Dennis Rodman" because of her rebounding ability and willingness to dive out of bounds to save a loose ball. One of those dives recently caused Nikki to sustain a concussion.

"He named her that because of her rebounding and diving [skills], not because of any tattoos or piercings," her mother laughed.  

"Dennis the Wild Bull" is co-written with Dustin Warburton and available for purchase at book stores as well as on Rodman's website, www.dennisrodman.com for $16.

Gerard Schilling February 06, 2013 at 01:14 PM
And this is the type of person our children should admire and emulate? No wonder this country is in trouble!


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