Subway Foot-Longs Measuring Short

Customers are breaking out the measuring tapes and finding their submarine sandwiches are only 11 inches long.

If you're buying a foot-long sandwich at a Subway restaurant, you may not be getting what you paid for.  

People across the globe, including here in the Chicago area, have discovered their sandwiches are about an inch short. 

The hype was sparked by a Subway customer in Australia who posted a complaint on Subway’s Facebook page that his sandwich was only 11 inches, the Huffington Post reports.

Outraged Subway customers have also taken to Facebook to express their thoughts on the short subs.

“What's going on with you guys... the sandwiches aren't measuring 12 inches.. they are coming up short..higher prices, shorter bread. That's not cool,” wrote Michael Giovanni Satriano.

“Short subs? Wow, wish I had checked as we get subs there all the time.. Also the chain has cut the portions of their cold-cut meats by 25 percent... wow... Time to find another place to get subs..” wrote Nick Dingo DeJohn.

Subway issued a statement to many media outlets including ABC News regarding the issue:

“We are committed to providing a consistent product delivering the same amount of bread to the customer with every order. The length however may vary slightly when not baked to our exact specifications. We are reinforcing our policies and procedures in an effort to ensure our offerings are always consistent no matter which Subway restaurant you visit,” the statement read. 


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