PHOTOS: Best Dressed at Anime Midwest

The three-day convention at Wyndham Lisle included a cosplay masquerade ball, panels, and exhibits galore. Check out some of the best costumes from the weekend.

If you were driving along Warrenville Road this weekend and saw a few people dressed a little different than you are used to seeing--congratulations!  You have just been introduced to costume play and anime!

The annual Anime Midwest convention was expected to draw more than 2,000 visitors to Lisle this weekend. 

Held at , the convention is three days of panel discussions, music, video games and of course costumes!

Anime originated in Japan and and is animation that interests adults and to a lessor extent, children.  A cousin to Anime is Manga.

One of the most delightful aspects of an anime convention is the numer of attendees that engage is cosplay. Many people will work on creating their own costumes, representing a specific character, for a year leading up to the convention.  Some also particilate in the Masquerde, a contest where you are judged on both your outfit and your performance - which has to mirror your anime character.

Take a look through the photos - and find your favorite costume!


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