Puppy Mill Parlor Protest

Thank you to every single Lisle resident who has spoken to us and lent their support.  Cruelty should not be tolerated in any town.

We have the lastest reports from the Illinois Department Of Agriculture and here are the findings:

From 6-30-2012 till 7-1-2013 - Tammy Coglianese sold: 9 dogs – 4 kittens – 156 puppies.

Inventory reports listed here:

2-17-2012 – 55 dogs, 40 puppies

4-10-2012 – 60 dogs, 50 puppies

7-6-2012 – 60 dogs, 45 puppies

12-18-2012 – 60 dogs, 30 puppies

1-29-2013 – 50 dogs, 58 puppies

Where are the dogs right now that have not sold?  She only sold 9 adult dogs all year… don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do the math here folks. 

WHERE ARE THE DOGS?  Where oh where are they?  And where are the rest of the puppies?  Are they being farmed out to houses in West Chicago, Lisle and Bolingbrook to breed more puppies to be sold on their internet sites?  Where are the dogs?  Where are the puppies?

We know where they are, they’re in the back room.  Locked in cages from 6:00 at night till 11:00 the next day.  Oh, geez, no wait.  I keep forgetting….they don’t get out when the store is open anyway, stupid me. 

If anyone has been sold a sick or dying dog from Puppy Mill Parlor, Tammy Coglianese, please go to www.caps-web.org and fill out a pet store complaint form.  Thank you!  And if you like to join us,  email me at idamccarthy@yahoo.com.

goddess August 18, 2013 at 12:23 AM
Why won't Lisle put an end to these types of businesses?
Ida Mccarthy August 18, 2013 at 11:19 AM
Good question Goddess, we have been asked this everyday. There are only 5 pet stores in Dupage County that sell puppy mill puppies, and those stores do not have a back room filled with adult dogs stuffed in cages being fed with hamster tubes. They are bad enough, but this is much much worse.
Dianne Arp August 20, 2013 at 11:14 AM
Puppy (Mill) Parlor gets their puppies from puppy mills. The Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) has PROOF in the form of undercover video footage shot inside P(M)P's "private, family breeders." They're puppy mills! If CAPS protesters were unable to prove it, we would've been ousted and sued for slander. P(M)P can't do that because EVERYTHING we say, and EVERYTHING we include in our handout package - is the TRUTH. FACT. Yet P(M)P has dogs crammed in cages in the back room of their store and will let no one back there. No one. They continue to commit consumer fraud daily by lying about where their dogs come from. And Lisle's Government (Mayor, Trustees, Police Dept) will do nothing about it. When Puppy (Mill) Parlor was known as Poochie Puppy Parlor in Bolingbrook, the Bolingbrook Police Department, along with Animal Control, worked together to get rid of them. They actually went into her store and saw the horribfic conditions for themselves. Hence, owner Tammy Coglianese (who was arrested for theft in Iowa, and is sued in court frequently) is no longer operating in Bolingbrook. And Lisle says they can't do anything about it? Seriously?!? If Bolingbrook can do it - Lisle can too. Consider this: if I opened an Organic Restaurant in Lisle, and it was proven my product was not organic - - do you really think I would be permitted to operate while I LIED about my product? Well folks - that's what's going on in your town. If your Government will allow this to happen with a business who commits documented animal abuse, and documented animal cruelty, along with that documented consumer fraud - - what else do you think goes on behind closed doors? Why the people of Lisle haven't demanded better for their town is perplexing.


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